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This weekly Pinterest Roundup is from our friends over at cincysavers.com, to help you find great frugal solutions for your daily life.

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? I have, and I have fallen in love! Pinterest is full of great fashion tips, decor ideas, craft and DIY projects and so much more. But what you may not realize is that Pinterest is also full of great ideas for the frugalista too. From DIY to recipes to natural solutions, there are dozens of great ideas posted every day. So I thought I’d start a weekly Pinterest roundup of my favorite frugal ideas from the past week.

Glow sticks inside balloons make for a great festive decoration that is well beyond the norm! From kids’ parties to adult ones, this one is sure to make everyone who passes by smile! Slip the glow bracelets and necklaces from the dollar store inside a balloon, then inflate as usual. So simple, so cute! Between glow sticks and balloons, this decoration should be under $5, max!



Use a kids’ rubber mat in a new way for comfort and style. Remember those brightly colored kids’ play mats that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle for the playroom? The creative minds over at ShannonBerry.com have totally re-purposed the inexpensive play-mat into a creative solution that almost anyone can use. A little paint and creativity and you’ve got a great all-purpose mat for the kitchen and beyond. I think this would be great for those with bad backs who have to stand a lot too.


Use a hanging file holder in the car for kids toys and things. If your car is anything like mine, then there are a million and one kids’ toys floating around the back seat. This idea helps you keep them all neat and somewhat organized. Books, Happy Meal toys, crayons, they all find a home when you use a hanging file holder in the middle of the back seat. Even better, assign one pocket to each child, so that there’s no arguments over who is touching who’s stuff.




Add shelves and trim for a frugal facelift to your bathroom. Do you have one of those outdated large mirrors in your bathroom? This brilliant idea is a great way to give your bathroom an update for less than $100. Using a small bookshelf and some standard trim, they transformed their bathroom without having to remove or replace the mirror. I’ve actually pinned this myself to show to my husband for our own bathroom.





Use a paper towel holder to organize your bracelets. This brilliant idea from the blog The Adventures of VAMH not only organizes your bracelets and accessories, but it is somewhat decorative as well! This brilliant re-purposing of household items uses a $3.99 paper towel holder from Target. Frugal, fun and fabulous!

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What great ideas have you found on Pinterest this week?

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