Monday’s Craft: Homemade Bath Paint

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Over the weekend the girls asked if we could purchase the 3pk of bath crayons at Meijer for $4.99! I quietly laughed to myself and thought, I know how to make something better and for a lot less! They weren’t happy that I said no, but I told them when we get home I will make you something better to play with in the tub!

I found a can of shaving cream and grabbed the food color! Headed to the sink with an empty egg carton, added a few drops of food coloring to each section and then filled each section half full with shaving cream! Once you start mixing, the shaving cream will expand, so don’t over fill it- half full seemed to be plenty!

Once it is all mixed up, I grabbed a few paint brushes, put our 3 year old in the tub and let her at it!! She quickly thought this was the coolest stuff ever and of course the 10 year old and 7 year old wanted to have their turn in the tub when our 3 year old was finished!

Quickly making a masterpiece on the tub walls, our girls asked if this is something they could do weekly!! Since this is something that cost me less than .25, I have no problem with them doing this! I can normally grabbed a can of shaving cream for about .50 each – .75 each (on sale and with a coupon), plus a few drops of food coloring! I used very little of both the food coloring and shaving cream, so one can could last for weeks!

I love finding things around the house to use for fun new crafts for the kiddos!

FYI!! And just so you know, the homemade bath paint cleaned off completely and did not stain our walls or tub. I would recommend getting the tub walls wet before you let the little ones paint just to make sure that the color does not stain the grout in between the tiles! This seems to make sure ours didn’t stain!

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  1. Great idea! I used to let my oldest daughter play with plain shaving cream at her art table and she always loved it! But this with the colors and the bath – even better!
    Heather (@lovecincy) recently posted..Just go with it…My Profile

  2. I’m gonna try this with the kids next time I get an empty egg carton. Thanks!
    Tosha recently posted..Vegetarian or Vegan Taco SoupMy Profile


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