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Box Tops For Education LogoNow that school is back in full swing, we have had several fundraisers already come home to help raise funds for educational items needed for our school. We have had to sell cookie dough, had a catalog sale and even sold Entertainment books. Most of these fundraisers take up a lot of time first by asking friends, family and neighbors to purchase particular items. And to be quite honest, these are probably items that they really didn’t want to purchase, but because they knew it was helping the school, they buy it anyways. Then tallying up the orders, collecting the payments and then waiting for the order to arrive at school to then head back out to deliver the items! Wooo, I got exhausted just writing about it! Most families these days are so busy that sometimes these types of fundraisers are just not possible, they are too time consuming and families just can’t do them.

With all that said, I have found one way to help my children’s school raise funds for educational items without all the work! Collecting points is a quick and easy way to snag some extra cash for your school just by purchasing everyday products that you already use and love! There are hundreds of products that contain a Box Top on them, just clip it and send it with your child to school. Your school can then turn them in for cash to buy items they need for the classroom!
it's easy to earn
But clipping Box Tops isn’t the only way to help earn money for your school! You can now shop online at Box Tops Marketplace where they have more than 100 retailers that offer you e-Box Tops for your school, just for shopping at your favorite online retailers. Your e-Box Tops are automatically added to your school’s total making online shopping not only quick and easy but now helps you earn money for your school!

 I recently had the opportunity to shop online through Box Tops Marketplace at Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble offers  items for the whole family, including books, music, movies and fun gifts. I searched through their online store and quickly found what I wanted! With our kiddos getting older we find ourselves fighting over the computer.  Our girls have book reports, science projects and research online that needs to be completed each day. I have deals to blog about and the hubby just wants to check out the latest car accessories. So I knew we needed something that would help alleviate some of the stress of sharing just one computer. So I stopped by Barns & Noble electronics and checked out their tablets! I quickly found the Coby Electronics MID7016-4G – 7″ Mobile Internet Device 4GB. This tablet offers WiFi connection, 4GB memory and Android operating system all for less than $150. This will be a great addition for our family, now more than one person can surf the web or work on a school project at the same time!

With each purchase through Box Tops Marketplace you earn e-Box Tops, Barnes & Noble was 6 points for each $10 spent. I was able to rack up 78 e-Box Tops for our girls school just by purchasing my new Tablet! With our school’s budget getting tighter and tighter each year, every dime makes a huge difference for school.

Sign up for and start earning cash for your school today!

I received a gift card to make a purchase through  Box Tops Marketplace! No other compensation was received. My opinion is 100% my own.

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