A Beginner’s Guide to Using Living Social

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If you’re an avid bargain-hunter, that person who collects coupons and scours online deal sites for the best value on any and all items, then you need to check out Living Social. This daily deal site has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and now it offers thousands upon thousands of deals daily in places across the U.S. and Canada, deals up to 90% off the original offered price! The site offers a spectrum of discounted purchases, from meals at high-end restaurants to bargain priced exercise lessons. Simply jump on the deals that seem the most appealing to you. The service is FREE to join; you only need provide the most basic personal information including your email address in order to start an account.

How It Works

Once you’ve set up an account with Living Social, the site points you to daily deals offered in your area. If you see a deal that you can’t resist, purchase it on Living Social’s secured site and you’ll receive an email of the coupon on the next day. This coupon has to be presented to the business when you go to capitalize on the deal. Living Social also offers a deal within the deals that you purchase: if you share your deal with at least three friends who purchase the deal as well, then you get your deal FREE of charge. It’s a great incentive to spread deals that might appeal to your friends or family while saving yourself a little extra money. And the great thing about Living Social is that you’ll never be wanting for diversity in the deals offered: every day the site features something completely different from the day before, whether it’s a discounted yoga class or a cheap museum pass.

Different Types of Deals

As a member of Living Social, you’ll been privy to all types of deals they have to offer. You’ll receive daily emails offering exclusive bargains on items not explicitly advertised on the main website. The deals tend to fall under one of the following categories: “Family” deals, “Adventure” deals, and “Escapes.” Family deals usually consist of deals pertaining to the home (cleaning services, repair services, etc.) or family oriented activities (going out for food, attending family friendly entertainment venues). Adventure deals can be geared for the single person or for families, but they usually offer deals on activities outside the norm of day to day events. Adventure deals include lessons (yoga, Pilates, martial arts, etc.) or nights out at romantic or exciting locales. “Escape” deals on Living Social, as the name suggests, are usually vacation destination packages. While you’re likely to spend the most money on these deals, the savings are also the highest. Living social will offer vacation packages normally costing thousands of dollars at more than half the price.

Get Started!

Are you ready to start living well and inexpensively with Living Social? As a FREE service, it’s hard to turn down even brief experiment with the website. Living Social seamlessly blends good deals with cultured and stimulating activities, catering to adventurous and bargain-savvy customers alike. To put it simply: if you consider yourself a purveyor of good deals, you’d be foolish to pass up this site.

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