Black Friday Shopping Do’s & Don’ts

4 Flares Twitter 3 Facebook 1 Pin It Share 0 StumbleUpon 0 LinkedIn 0 Google+ 0 4 Flares × thought with Black Friday being tomorrow, or tonight with all the new hour changes, I thought I would share with you some of the do’s and don’ts that I follow each year to make my Black Friday shopping a huge success.

  • Do Make a List of Gifts Needed– As the ads start to leak, I make a list of items that I know I need for my family and friend’s Christmas gifts. I love getting all my Christmas shopping done in one day, then I only have to worry about where to hid them for 4 weeks! This also helps me price compare. So if I know that a movie that my kiddos want is on sale for $5 at Walmart and $4 at Target, then I add it to the list for kiddos to hit Target first for this item, but as a back up, I will note that Walmart has them for $5 so if Target it out, I may get it at Walmart. Then just cross items off as I get them. This way I know what I got and how much I paid for it!
  • Do Make a Plan- Black Friday ads have been leaking for weeks and of course they are in the Thanksgiving Day newspaper, so you will have access to when each store will open. So map out a plan of what store you will hit and when, making the most of your time and gas. There are several stores that will be opening at the same time, them prioritize the ones you need the most items from first and hope that what you need from the others will still be there when you arrive! Having a list above will help you to know what store’s you will need to hit first!
  • Don’t Show Up Late- Don’t think that you can roll out of bed at 8am and then head to your local Walmart or Target and they will still have a full shelf of all the items you need. You do have to put in a little effort to get the best deals. So take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner and then get ready to shop!
  • Do Use Cash- If you use only the cash you have in your pocket then you can’t go over budget.
  • Don’t Use Credit – Most likely if you don’t have the cash now to buy these items, you won’t have it come next month when the bill hits your mail box. This is where budgeting a little cash each week throughout the year for Christmas really pays off.
  • Do Stick To Your Budget- Just because it is Christmas does not mean that you have to go over board. Buying gifts for your family should not break the bank. Figure out who you need to buy for and then come up with a amount that you can spend on each person. If you add all these totals up and it is more then you can afford, cut it down. Do not feel bad or feel obligated to spend more.
  • Don’t Hit The Mall- The malls are crazy busy and most of the time I find most of the items I need at Target, Old Navy, Game Stop, etc. Plus it is easier to get in and out without breaking your back carrying 30 bags from 30 stores. On a side note: I also skip the mall because it also helps me sometimes not to go crazy! The break of going to my car and driving to the next store calms me down from going postal on the next person that knocks me down to grab that last $15 toy!
  • Do Shop With a Buddy- Now there are 2 ways you can play the buddy card. Either shop together so you have someone sane with you to shop with, keep you awake and help you stay on budget. Or you can divide and conquer. The day before you can meet up with a friend or 2 and share the items you all need from each store. Each person can take a store and not only get what they need, but also pick up your items as well. You can either sort out finances there when you are or wait for the receipts later, depends on how you want to work it all out. This is a great way to make sure each person gets all they need without having to hit all the stores!
  • Do Visit  The Store The Day Before- Visiting the store the day before will help you see where all the sale items will be. Now I know there are few exceptions like the tv sales or hot video consoles, etc. But for  the most part they will have the games, clothes, appliances, etc already in place so you will know where to go for the items you need. This will cut down on time wondering the store and the stress of not getting your items.
  • Do Ask About Price Adjustments- Some stores will give you a price adjustment for items that are now on sale for Black Friday if you bought them in the last few days or weeks, depending on their price adjustment policy. So if there are items that you know will be on sale for Black Friday and you have already seen them at the store, buy them now and then head back to the customer service desk on Black Friday to get the adjustment. Now you do need to make sure that you are attempting to get the adjustment while the items are on sale, if it says 6am-12pm, then you need to be there at that time. Also call your local store to check if this is possible. Not all stores will give you a price adjustment, but it worth trying if you don’t want to miss out on some hot sale for Black Friday!

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  1. I haven’t yet been brave enough to go out on a Black Friday, but thanks for the great tips!
    Michelle recently posted..Chocolate Mug Cake RecipeMy Profile

  2. Oh man, it’s sneaking up on us, isn’t it! I despise Black Friday, so thanks for the tips!
    Mel recently posted..Outdoor Family Fun Activities with Daisy #bb4meMy Profile

  3. I have done the Black Friday thing only a few times… you definitely need a plan!!
    Great tips!
    Ronni Keller recently posted..Three Truths And A Lie – But More Like A Lot Of Stuff I Wish Were LiesMy Profile

  4. I haven’t ventured out on Black Friday as yet ever! not sure I want to when I can order on line–but if there is something worth while your tips will be noted! thanks!

  5. Seeing a lot of your favorite items on sale could be very tempting to splurge on these things especially if you are using your credit card. Like what you said, using cash instead of credit card will prevent overspending.


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