Kids Frugal Fun- Columbus Day Ship

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Each week Mom On Dealz brings us a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal.

Next week is Columbus Day so Mom On Dealz decided to make a ship with things they found around the house. For past crafts, visit here.

Columbus Day Ship


1 Sponge
1 Straw
Construction Paper


1. Cut the sponge into the shape your child chooses.
2. Cut 2 small holes into the sponge where the “masts” will go.

3. Cut the straw in half and put each half into each sponge hole.

4. Cut 2 triangles out of the construction paper and allow your child to decorate them.
5. Poke 2 holes into each triangle that the straw will “thread” thru.
6. Sail your “ship”.

Educational Activities:

  • Language Arts: Sing the nursery rhyme “Row Row Row Your Boat” while letting your child play with their craft. You can also teach them the rhyme “Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in Fourteen Hundred Ninety Two””. Rhyming words are a HUGE kindergarten skill.
  • Math: 1. Discuss the shapes involved in this craft (paper triangles, straw is a cylinder, whatever shape you choose to make the ship).
  • Social Studies/History: Discuss with your child the reason we celebrate Columbus Day.
  • Science: Place the “ship” in the bath tub and have your child blow on it. Then measure how far the ship “sailed”. Discuss how their breath is like wind and that you can make things move without actually touching them.

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