Frugal Gardening- Save Your Hosta Seeds

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Even though Fall just started, there are many projects you can do for your garden and landscaping now. One thing that we do each year is collect our Hosta Seeds to plant for the next year. This is a quick and easy way to produce beautiful landscaping without costing us a dime! Here are a few tips to help you, if you would like to collect and re-produce your own Hostas Plants!

First you will notice your current Hostas producing seed pods normally in September. Don’t grab them just yet, wait until these seed pods become brown and dry looking. But to warn you, these will turn brown pretty quickly, so keep an eye on them.  I have heard of people putting a pair of pantyhose or brown bag (tied gently around the stem) around the top of the plant to catch the seeds, if the pod would happen to open and start dropping their seeds.

Once the seeds are ripe and ready to be picked, you can then separate the pod from the black seeds. Timing is everything! You don’t want to pick them to early and the seeds are not ripe, you will them be left without any plants for next year!  Mature & viable seeds will be a dark brown or black. If  you see any other color seeds in the pod, you can throw them away, they are not fertile and will not produce any plants.

You will want to store your seeds in a dark, cool place- I throw them in our deep freezer in the garage in dark colored canister. You can store them in the refrigerator or a place in your basement- some where cool- you do not have to refrigerate or freeze them. You do not want to store them somewhere where they will be in direct light.

One last tip! Even though it is fairly easy to grow Hostas from seeds, you do need to keep them watered and they will need plenty of lighting to grow into mature Hostas plants. We start our seeds in January and plant them in the ground by the end of May, early June. Within a few years your new Hostas will start producing their own seed pods and you can continue to re-produce more and more Hostas!

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