Kids Frugal Fun- Labor Day Puppets

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Each week Mom On Dealz bring us a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. With Labor Day quickly approaching, she thought it’s a perfect time to teach your child about community workers and discuss that people work to make money (a Virginia Standard of Learning for kindergarten). August 26th is also National Dog Day so I was sure to include a dalmatian puppet to go along with the fireman! You can also view past Kids Frugal Fun Crafts HERE.

Labor Day Puppets

Materials: Paper bags Construction Paper Crayons Glue Any Other Desired Decorations

Directions: 1. Decide on the community workers you would like to create (fireman, teacher, police officer, nurse, etc).

2. Draw and cut out outfits for each worker. You can find many examples by doing a Google search.

3. Color and decorate the uniforms/hats.

4. Glue your creations on paper bags and enjoy!

Educational Activities:

Social Studies

1. Discuss that Labor Day is to honor workers across the nation.

2. Discuss that people have jobs in order to pay for things they need and want.

Language Arts

1. Create a list of wants with your child and brainstorm ways to earn money to buy them.

2. Sing nursery rhymes about community workers (5 little firemen, etc).

3. Have your child create as many words as they can imagine out of the letters in community workers (men, women, row, mom, etc).

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