Back To School Supply Drive- Tomorrow’s The Big Day!!

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Back To School Supply Drive- Fairfield City Schools!!

We are at it again! We have our Back To School Supply Drive scheduled and we are looking to collect a lot of school supplies to help those kids in need. With so many families hit hard by the struggling economy, buying school supplies is usually the last items that a family adds to their budget. It is truly an honor knowing that we can help our students start the year off right by providing them with the supplies they need to get a great education.


Our Back to School Supply Drive will start at 10am, an hour before our Annual Back to School Parade. The Parade is something that Fairfield City Schools hold every year to get the students excited about coming back to school and to kick off the start of a new school year. This year it will be on Saturday August 20, 2011 starting at 11am. The parade travels from Hicks Blvd to Nilles Road and then ends at the Intermediate Building off Route 4, where we will continue to collect supplies until 3pm. We have made a list below of the supplies that are needed for the students throughout the entire district. Any donation big or small are welcome. Every donation makes a difference. We are asking residents, community groups and local businesses to participate in our Back to School Supply Drive by donating any supplies listed below. If you would like to donate and are unable to make it to the Supply Drive, please contact us to make arrangements for us to pick up your donation.

If you are on Facebook, you can also RSVP to The Back To School Supply Drive and also help spread the word by inviting your friends to attend!

If you would like to volunteer- collect, sort and organize donated supplies, please email me at justtryingtosavemoney at with your contact information.

*#2 Yellow Pencils with Erasers
*Elmer’s Glue Sticks
*Elmer’s Bottle of White Glue 4oz
*Fiskar Scissors
*Regular Scissors
*8ct Crayola Crayons (Classic Color)
*24ct Crayola Crayons
*8ct Crayola Washable Markers (Wide Tips, Classic Colors)
*Yellow Highlighter
*Black Dry Erase Marker
*Red Pens
*Black Pens
*Blue Pens
*Colored Pencils
*Thin Markers
*Spiral Bound Notebook
*Composition Book
*Wide-Lined Notebook Paper (loose leaf)
*Pocket Folders with Prongs (any color)
*School Box or Zipper Pouch
*Zipper Pouch (with holes to insert into binder)
*Post It Notes
*Pencil Sharpener
*Binder (1 inch, 3 ring)
*Binder (2 inch, 3 ring)
*Binder (3 inch, 3 ring)
*Subject Dividers
*Index Cards (100ct)
*Back Pack
*Box Of Tissues
*Zip Lock Bags
*Paper Towels
*Hand Sanitizer
*409 Cleaner
*Flash Drive
*Clorox Wipes
*Calculator (TI-30xA, TI-30xIIS, TI-30xIIB)

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