Use Your Wii or 3DS to Watch Movies?

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As you can read here, we have had a great time playing our new Wii with our Battle of the Wii days! We recently received a DS Lite, review coming soon, and have had tons of fun with it as well! But I found this article that you can use your Wii or DS for more than just games, you can now watch movies?!?! According to this study, half of Netfix subscribers use their gaming system to stream their video! I need to learn how to do this! Do you use your gaming system with Netflix?
Even better, Nintendo is making it easier to use Nextfix with their new 3DS handheld game system with a Nextflix app! My girls would love to have one of these new 3DS and now I want one to watch movies! Technology is an amazing thing! With all the fun things that are created, who needs to leave their home! You can read the whole article below!
Study:  Half of Netflix Users Connect Through Game consoles
Half of subscribers to online video service Netflix stream their content using a video game console, finds a Nielsen survey. According to the survey, 25% of Neflix users stream video through the Nintendo Wii, 13% use the PlayStation 3 and 12% access the service via Xbox Live. Nielsen also found usage of video site Hulu was far less frequent on game consoles. The survey found 3% of Hulu users accessed videos through the Wii, and an additional 3% via PS3, while 2% used Xbox.Watching directly on a computer topped all other channels, with 42% of Netflix users and 89% of Hulu users taking that approach. Recently, Nintendo launched a Netflix app for its 3DS handheld.

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