Review- Wii Play: Motion Game + Controller- just $49.99

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Since receiving our new Wii, inside days for our girls have become much more fun! Battle of the Wii has become a whole family request! Summer boredom is a thing of the past with all these great games from Wii. Our newest game that we have added to the Battle of the Wii is, Wii Play: Motion.

Wii Play: Motion is a this great new game that includes 12 games where you have to move your controller in a variety of ways to  make it through the course! Our favorite by far is the Ice Cream Scoop game and the Umbrella game. The Ice Cream scoop game has you see how high you can stack scoops of ice cream while balancing them on a cone! (pictured above) The Umbrella game is so much fun, my girls said that they would love to do this in real life!! This game makes you move your umbrella up, down, side to side to move through the race course using the wind to move you along! Another great game, Mii Pose, where you have to move your Mii in a variety of ways to fit through a hole without breaking it. (pictured below) My girls love this game!

You can buy the Wii Play: Motion for just $49.99 each and it includes the Wii Play: Motion game and a Wii Motion controller. You can play with up to 4 players and is rated E10+, everyone 10 years old or older. If you and your family have not picked up a Wii console yet, you should go get it now. Not only is it at a great price right now of just $149.99 but it is a great way for you and your family to spend some quality time together.

Wii Play: Motion offers fun motion-controlled experiences for everyone. Immerse yourself in 12 fun and exciting games with challenging game-play variations. Using Wii Remote Plus controller, up to four players can play a variety of games with unlock-able modes.

All of the games can be played in both single-player and multi-player modes. No matter how many people are holding controllers, everyone in the room can participate in the fun of Wii Play: Motion. Games offers rich single-player experiences and even better multi-player fun. Master the east-to-pick-up controls and share the fun with others.

Wii Play: Motion combines fun and value in a powerful package only for Wii. For those looking to ass an extra controller to their collection, Wii Play: Motion includes one Wii Remote Plus controller, making this title a must have for any Wii console owner!

Ours girls list of games that they want for our Wii are slowly getting crossed off one by one!! As soon as we saw the commercials for this, it went to the top of their list, so I am so happy that we got to try it out!! Now to buy the Wii Fit and U Draw Tablet and game- those are what mama wants~~!

What Wii games are you and your family playing this summer?


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  1. Heather says:

    This looks awesome! Perfect for the hot summer days! I love how it keeps them active while having fun! Thanks for the review!

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