Kids Frugal Fun- Macaroni LadyBug Plate

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Each week Momondealz brings you a kids craft that is fun, frugal, and educational. July 7th is Macaroni day so this week’s craft will focus on using macaroni noodles for some learning fun!

Macaroni Ladybug Plate

Macaroni Noodles(use coupon here to save on these noodles)
Paper Plate (use coupon here to save on Chinet)
Markers or Paint


1. Color or paint your paper plate red.
2. Color or paint about 10 macaroni noodles black.

3. Draw/paint a black line vertically down the middle of the plate.
4. Draw/paint a black circle on one end of the plate to create the ladybug’s head.
5. Glue your black noodles sporatically on the plate to create the ladybug’s spots.

*Note* Our plate had an “edge” to it so I cut that off and allowed Will to color the pieces black to create the “legs” you see above.
Educational Activities:
1. Science: Discuss the ladybug’s life cycle while creating this craft. Tell your child that the plate they are creating is actually the last stage of their life cycle-the adult stage. The first stages are egg, larva, pupa, and then they become the adult.
2. Language Arts: Go for a backyard or neighborhood ladybug hunt. Have your child record in a notebook all the things they see while they are “hunting”.
3. Math: Have your child count the 10 macaroni noodles out for themselves while picking them from the box. Also have them count the noodles again once they are on the ladybug shape.
Other macaroni noodle activities found around the web:

  • Macaroni jewelry: String macaroni noodles to create bracelets and necklaces.
  • Macaroni coloring: Combine 1/2 cup water and 1 tbs cider vinegar + food coloring and place the macaroni in the mixture to color.
  • Macaroni fireworks: Color macaroni and glue in firework burst designs on black paper.
  • Macaroni writing: Use macaroni noodles to form letters, words, messages, or to create cards and posters.
  • Macaroni pencil cup: Glue macaroni in designs on a sour cream container. Then fill the container with macaroni and it will hold the pencils in place.

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