What Grows In The Garden- Kiwano Horned Melon

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Each week I am going to find a new fruit or vegetable that my family is going to try and share with you how it tastes, where is grows, etc. This is a way for our family to try new fruits and vegetables and hopefully encourage your family to do the same! I also hope to find new fruits and vegetables to grow in our garden, in the long run saving us money while providing my family with more organic food options! Here is the new produce we tried this week!

NAME: Kiwano Horned Melon (Cucumis metuliferus)


AVERAGE SIZE, COLOR, SHAPE: 6-9 inches long (my 6 year old daughter was holding this in one hand- to give you an idea of how big it was), oval shaped, yellow-organish in color with spikes all over it, green and seedy on the inside- inside looks similar to a Kiwi

HOW TO GROW: Start Kiwano seeds indoors in the spring and then they can be moved to your outdoor garden once temperatures reach 55-60 degrees! Kiwano plants need full sun and it’s soil needs to stay moist.

WHERE TO GROW: You can pretty much grow it any where as long as you plant it in a well drained area, keep the soil moist and it has plenty of sun light

HARVEST: Kiwano melons are ready for harvest once the skin turns orangish, usually 12-14 weeks after planted.

HOW TO EAT: Cut it and serve as a snack or add it as a garnish

TASTE: Similar to a cucumber, kind of plain but it was actually refreshing, a little tart


USES: Good source of Vitamin C (40% of your daily recommended serving in one Kiwano melon)

AVERAGE COST AT THE GROCERY: $2.50 – $3.50 each (these are average prices in my area, Ohio, depending on season and growth they may be more or less in your neck of the woods)

RECIPES: Mix with fruit salad, Beef & Fruit Salad

Thanks E How, Recipe.com and What’s Cooking America for additional information about this produce!

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