Review- Nintendo Wii and 3 games

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With the economy still struggling and families still counting every penny, vacations may not be an option this summer for most families. So one thing we are doing this summer is having mini vacations at home. We have planned out most of the summer and we have numerous days of heading to our local YMCA to go swimming, our local parks for a day of playing in the sun and to our local library for a day of learning and exploring new books! These are just a few of the days we have planned but another day is our battle of the Wii (I’ll tell you more about it in a bit)! These are all great ways for our family to save money but still have a fun filled summer vacation.

Nintendo has jumped on board to help families like us make the most of our summer. They are offering you a new affordable price of just $149 for the Wii system, Mario Kart Game and Wheel accessory all in one! They are also offering 4 games for a very low price of $19.99 each for Wii Sport, Mario Super Sluggers, Animal Crossing: City Folk and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This is a great way to not only help your family get up and stay active while playing games, but to give families a great way to have fun at a low cost!

We had the great pleasure of trying out the Mario Kart game on our new Wii and I have to tell you, it pretty much has been on since we got it! I have had to unplug it from the back of our t.v. to get our girls to stop playing. But not just our girls, my husband comes home from work and yells down into the family room, who wants to get beat at Mario Kart! So this has definalty been a great product for our family!

Battle of the Wii includes a day (usually rainy or too hot days) of competitions on Mario Kart, Wii Sports and Disney Sing It! Right now our favorite is the Mario Kart and even our 3 year old is in on the action! Racing down raceways, bouncing on giant mushrooms, throwing turtle shells at your competition, collecting coins and so much more. It is a very exciting game filled with fun adventures! Our oldest daughter is having a great time playing the Animal Crossing: City Folks as well, she loves creating her own little person who can design their own home, go fishing, buy stuff at the store and meet new friends.

Now we can cross off Mario Kart on our Wii wish list.  What games are you and your family playing on the Wii? I had been wanting the Mario Kart game and the U Draw Game & Tablet, my girls have been wanting the Mario Kart game for ds and the new Nintendo DS XL, but I think they are going to have to wait on those. My husband just seems to have fun with any of the ones we get but I did see at Bass Pro Shop a new fishing and hunting Wii game that we may pick up for Father’s Day! Do any of you have these games? Do you like playing them?

So what fun things do you have planned this summer? Are you going on vacation or are you staying home? What ways do you save on at home activities?

I was provided with a Wii system and 3 games in exchange for this review. No other compensation was provided. My opinion is 100% my own!

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  1. Gavin's Mom says:

    I loved Mario Cart on Super Nintendo when I was kid! I can’t wait to play it on the Wii!

    We are having fun with Wii Sports and Wii Play Motion! Great fun for the whole family!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Super excited about this package!

  3. Too funny that you had to unplug it! Sounds like your girls had a blast! The Animals Crossing game sounds fun. We’ll have to check it out

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