Almost Back To Normal!

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Ok, with the melt down I had with Blogger, I think after a whole month of trying to get everything moved over, I am almost back to normal with the blog. It took a a lot of help from some very experienced people to help me get through the process of moving my blog over from blogger to WordPress and on my own server! To me it felt like learning a foreign language! So after many of hours of stress, tears and many, many emails, I think everything over here is completely back to 95% normal. I have been finding a few posts that did not transfer over completely or correctly and have been fixing them as I find them. If you notice anything not working correctly or a post gone, please let me know!! I wanted to thanks so very helpful people that helped me through the process!


First was the great lady that made my blog design, StrossGirls Designs! She helped me move everything over and was great. Whenever I had a question, she was quick to respond and walk me through it! I would recommend her not only for a cute blog design, but for any help with moving and transferring a blog from one service to another! Thanks Angie, so much!!

Second my group of Money Mavens! These ladies I work with everyday to share deals, match-ups and just blogging advice. But when I was going through the move, they were very helpful on any questions I had and just to listen to me when I was full of tears and stress. So thank you ladies for all your help and support!

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  1. Glad to hear you made the move! You will be so happy you did! Don’t worry – this “foreign language” does not take long to learn.

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