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My girls wanted a Pillow Pet so bad for Christmas this year, that they literally drove me crazy asking for them!! I know that your little ones must have been asking too, because these things were selling like hot cakes this past holiday season. 

Pillow Pets has 2 new pets to add to your little ones collections just in time for Valentine’s Day! Their official names are Luv Pup and Luv Kitty and they are just adorable. These pets are absolutely just about the softest thing I have ever felt and I would love to just lay on them all day! These are the first of their kind, a plush, foldable stuffed animal and have won the hearts of every child that see’s one.

“Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a soft, snuggly Pillow Pets plush folding stuffed animal” said Jennifer Telfer, CJ Products’ CEO. “Our limited edition pets, like Luv Pup and Luv Kitty, are particularly special because they’re only available at certain times of year and we only make a certain number of them. With our special holiday series, we’re actually seeing that many adults, in addition to getting Pillow Pets for their kids, are also buying the limited edition items for their own collections.”
Made of ultra-soft chenille, Pillow Pets plush foldable stuffed animals are much more than a stuffed animal. With a strap that closes underneath to transform the pillow into a friendly pet, they are an ideal travel pal, nap-time buddy and all-around cuddly friend.Pillow Pets plush foldable stuffed animals are available in jungle animals, farm critters and sea creatures – 36 different animals to choose from – and are just one part of the Pillow Pets family of products, which also includes books, blankets, slippers, and games.
Pillow Pets have been around since 2003, started in San Diego by a mom of 2 who was tired of her childrens ever growing collection of stuffed animals. Transforming a stuffed animal into a functional item for her children was her first goal and boy did she accomplish that. Now she has products such as books, blankets, slippers and games.  So now to the part you have been waiting for, check out below how you can win one of your very own Pillow Pet.

Buy it: You can purchase your very own Pillow Pet at your local retailer such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kohl’s, Toys R Us, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid, Kmart, Sears, JC Penney, Kroger, Hallmark, mall kiosks and specialty stores as well as online at

Win It: 1 Pillow Pet, Your Choice the Luv Pup or the Luv Kitty
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This Giveaway will end Thursday February 10, 2011 at 11pm Eastern Time and is open to US residents only. 1 winner will be picked using Once the winner is picked, I will email them notifying them that they won! They will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Good Luck!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Love the Unicorn slippers, just might have to get these as an easter gift for my grandaughter to go with her Unicorn Pillow Pet :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    >I receive your emails and follow Just Trying to Save on

  3. Anonymous says:

    >My son wants the bumblebee sooo bad ;)andhattman@aol.comAndrea

  4. >I love the new valentines pets…my daughter really wants the Unicorn one. 🙂

  5. >I "like" you on Facebook 🙂

  6. >My daughter would luv the new Valentine's pup.Thanks!

  7. >I would love to give the squeaky dolphin to my nephew.urchiken at gmail dot com

  8. >I would love to give the squeaky dolphin to my nephew.urchiken at gmail dot com

  9. Giant Sis says:

    >I'd love to give the Wiggly Pig to my 5-year-old sister. We live in different states, so it'd be a nice surprise for her!wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

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  12. >I would love to give the Comfy Panda to my daughter. Thank you!jackievillano at gmail dot com

  13. >I subscribe via emailjackievillano at gmail dot com

  14. james.drewery says:

    >i would get the wiggly pig for my

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    >subscribed via

  16. james.drewery says:
  17. >My twins already have the puppy and the dog pillow pets, but they have seen the valentine's – Luv Pup and they would LOVE it! On the website link that you shared, I saw an elephant pillow pet and my son would also love! I've never seeen it in stores:o)

  18. >I am already a RSS subscriber! Love your blog Brianne, and the new look, looks great!

  19. >I "Like" you on Facebook!

  20. >I follow you on Twitter too!

  21. >I tweeted your giveaway on Twitter@tipsfromamomof3.

  22. >I would also love the Bumble Bee – super cute :)I would give it to my daughter!

  23. >I like you on FB.Trena

  24. heartnsoulcooking says:

    >I would LOVE to get the Comfy Panda for my grand-daughter.heartnsoulcooking[at]gmail[dot]com

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  31. >I would like to give the ladybug blanket and dog blanket to my two oldest children.

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  34. >I shared this blog entry on FB.

  35. janetfaye says:

    >I would give Mr. Bear to my grandson.janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

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  39. janetfaye says:
  40. Coupons and Freebies Mom says:

    >I would give the monkey to my son, he loves monkeys! thanks!

  41. >I would get the Zippity Zebra for my twins. We could only get them the magical unicorn for Christmas and they fight for it all the time =]

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  48. Carolina Dhabolt says:

    >I would pick the Pterodactyl, for my 4yr old son, he is really into dinosaurs.

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  54. >I think I would have to get a backpack (maybe penguin) because my kids are both really into wearing

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  57. >Bumblebee to my DD #2.

  58. >My son wants the Puppy! He already has the Bumble Bee!

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    >I would love to get Ms Sassy Cat, for myself.

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  65. >My daughter would love the Valentine Puppy. So cute! Ty for a great giveaway!!!Samantha

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  70. >I would give the dog pillow pet to my boyfriend!demonite8 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  71. >Visited the site – my daughter has the unicorn, but how cute is the "Chocolate Moose"! I love it! : ) Thnx,

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  81. >i would love to get the friendly frog for my son

  82. >My daughter already has the unicorn, but after looking at the pillow pet website I would LOVE to get her the giraffe as well. She is 6 and has loved giraffes since she was 2! What a perfect birthday present for her!

  83. monicaandrew says:
  84. monicaandrew says:
  85. monicaandrew says:
  86. Susan M. Heim says:

    >I'd love to give the Snuggly Puppy to my son.

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  93. New Mommy!!! says:

    >I would gift the Snuggly Pup to our new baby to be, due in June, and the Love Pup to our daughter who is one for Valentines day! Ahe would be ecstatic! She is obsessed with puppies/dogs-OBSESSED! Ha! ha! She'd flip!Awesome giveaway! Thanks!Happy Valentines Day!

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    >I subscribed to your blog via email!:)

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  107. Smash Bravo Team says:

    >The luv pup is my favorite

  108. Smash Bravo Team says:

    >Please scratch the first comment.My favorite is the Unicorn though now I an in love with the Luv Pup. I would give it to my son who has loved the original forever and would really enjoy this new

  109. Smash Bravo Team says:

    >Subscribed via

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    >Liked your page on

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  114. >I love the lady bug Pillow Pet. I have given it to every little girl that I know, including my own daughters!

  115. >I subscribed to your blog!

  116. >My daughter would love Ms. Sassy Cat!

  117. >My daughter has been dying for the Magical Unicorn. We couldn't find it anywhere at Christmas though!sandy AT journeytoourhome DOT com

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  122. Kelly Tillotson says:

    >both my boys would love the bumble bee pillow pet. its so cute!!*

  123. Kelly Tillotson says:

    >i subscribe to your emails!*

  124. Kelly Tillotson says:

    >i like you on facebook!!*

  125. Anonymous says:

    >I like the Valentine Kitty and I would give it to my Grand-daughter Madison who dearly loves all cats.

  126. >I would like to get the Bumble Beefor my sonnclaudia25 at yahoo dot com

  127. >I "Like" Just Trying To Save Money on Facebook (claudia n)nclaudia 25 at yahoo dot com

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  130. >My daughter loves her horse pillow pet! These are great!

  131. sohamolina says:

    >I like Comfy Panda too

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    >I am an email subscriber-

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    >I am an email subscriber-

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  137. >The bumble bee is darlig

  138. >I like nutty elephant.

  139. SavannahsSmiles says:

    >I would pick a Ladybug for my Daughter :)

  140. >The ladybug is so cute! My daughter likes that one!pjames330 at aol dot com

  141. >subscriberpjames330 at aol dot com

  142. >FB fanpjames330 at aol dot com

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  144. Anonymous says:

    >I would love to give the wiggly pig to my grandbaby Hannah

  145. >I would love to get the Happy Hippo pillow pet for my daughter! Thank you!MusingsfromaSAHM at gmail dot com

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  149. >The "comfy panda" is very bright, and has a sweet smile for my niece's little toddler, she likes to look at books featuring black and white animals! the contrast is attractive to see, the panda, zebra and penguin!

  150. Haydensmommy05 says:

    >I love the magical unicorn!

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    >I subscribe by email!

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    >i love the silly monkey pillow pet! i'd give it to myself … er … wait. my 4yr. old boy =]muloove at yahoo dot com

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    >email subby.babyshotty1769 at hotmail dot com.muloove at yahoo dot com

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    >added your blog to my google reader RSS feed.muloove at yahoo dot com

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    >i follow @justtryingtosav.@sondramamamuloove at yahoo dot com

  160. >My daughter would love the unicorn!wahm_online(at)yahoo(dot)com

  161. >I'd get the kitty for my niece!

  162. >I would pick the luv pup! And I'd give it to my son, it's wayyy adorable! :)

  163. >I like just trying to save money on facebook under Anne

  164. >Follow you on

  165. >I love squeaky dolphin and I would give it to my

  166. >My daughter likes the bumblebeesibabe64 at ptd dot net

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  170. ClippingMoney says:

    >I would love the T-Rex for my son!

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  174. >I'd give the icy polar bear to my

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  177. justme5686 says:

    >I would pick the Panda for my little one who already has a bumble bee and a unicorn. edugosh(AT)Gmail

  178. Alissa DeLucio says:

    >I would pick the Penguin for my son. Sadly our cat claimed the Monkey we originally bought for him for Christmas.

  179. Alissa DeLucio says:

    >I am already signed up for emails

  180. alissa delucio says:

    >posted on my FB page: v!/amdelucio

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    >I already "like" this page on FB – :o)

  182. >My daughter would love the unicorn and my son wants the dolphin!

  183. >I would like to have the "Nutty Elephant" to give to my great niece for her 3rd birthday.nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

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