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Are you looking for a great way to give your little ones a healthier snack? Well Yoplait wants to help! Yolpait Kids Yogurt offers calcium, Vitamin D and a great taste. With flavors like Strawberry, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla, it will be a easy sell to your little ones to try for a snack. Yoplait not only wants to help you have healthier snack options for your little ones, they want to make sure not to break the bank while they do it. Just $2 for a 4 pack of Yoplait Kids Yogurt, is a great value!

Yoplait Kids has an excellent source of both calcium and vitamin D, a good source of protein and the delicious taste kids demand. It also contains 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt, and has no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Yoplait Kids yogurt is a snack you can feel confident about serving to your kids! 
Buy it:  Visit your local grocery and pick up you Yoplait Kids Yogurt. Here is a .50/1 Yoplait Kids 4pk Yogurt Printable Coupon  to help you save on your purchase!

Win It: 1 Yoplait Yogurt Prize Pack (This Yoplait Kids prize pack includes a coupon for Yoplait Kids yogurt, a foldable travel cooler (to take your yogurt on-the-go), a cool four-piece spoon set, a power magnet picture frame, trendy alphabet-shaped “Kiddie Bands”, a great big bounce ball and a “My First Scavenger Hunt” card game for some after-snack fun.)
(*This coupon offer for a free four pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee. )
Mandatory Entry: 
(Make sure that you make a separate comment for each entry, along with your email address)
  • Tell me how you plan to incorporate more wholesome snacks into your child’s diet, and how Yoplait Kids yogurt can help you do that.

Extra Entries:  
(1 entry for each of the following….)

This Giveaway will end Tuesday March 1, 2011 at 11pm Eastern Time and is open to US residents only. 1 winner will be picked using Random.org. Once the winner is picked, I will email them notifying them that they won! They will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Good Luck!!

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  2. Raven In A Blue Room says:

    >we let them pick out their favorite fruit which they will gladly eat as snack. They also like yogurt and it is great to know that Yoplait is offering some tasty snacks for kidsThank you for hosting this giveawayLouisschnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

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  8. >I try to make sure a fruit or veggie in each snack as well as a protein. Yogurt works so great for protein!

  9. >I really want to try to offer more variety to my kids…I tend to get in a rut and give them the same things because I know they will eat them…judywhatilivefor at gmail dot com

  10. >I follow you on Twitter @judywhatilive4judywhatilivefor at gmail dot com

  11. >I would definitely add this Yogurt to my childrens daily repertoire. Along with more fresh fruit so as to ward off all that scurvy. :o)My best, Lynn*I love sites like these that take alot of the couponing guesswork out of the equation. Thanks!http://safebeauty.blogspot.comlynniecee at live dot com

  12. >I think giving them more healthy choices is a better way of incorporating more healthy snacks into their diet.bethc1078@aol.com

  13. >I'm already a subscriber to your blogBethc1078@aol.com

  14. >My kids love Yoplait, and I would make sure they have one everyday!

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  16. >I "like" Yoplait on Facebook!

  17. >I try to incorporate yogurt into my sons menu everyday. He loves yogurt and I am looking forward to trying the new yoplait kids yogurt

  18. >I hope to be better by setting a good example and eating well myself!ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  19. ASHLEYREESE says:

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  24. >I incorporate more healthy snacks by buying them instead of the unhealthy ones – kids can't eat what's not in the house! Yoplait yogurt is definitely a favorite in our house that we enjoy not only at snack time, but also for breakfast with some fruit or cereal.

  25. >My kids eat yoplait daily with their lunch. Its a way for me to feel like I got something healthy into them for the day 😛

  26. >I hide heathly foods with the food my daughter likes. She likes yogurt though.kayleefaith1228@aol.com

  27. >My kids would like to dip apple slices into their yogurt.tssk10(at)gmail(dot)com

  28. >My kids love yogurt. We've made it ourselves a couple of times, but it is cheaper and faster to buy it. They would have yogurt for every meal and snack if I let them.

  29. >My kids love yogurt and eat atleast one a day. I would keep them doing that with Yoplait Kids yogurt.mary_reiss@hotmail.com

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  36. shelbers434 says:

    >i plan to stop buying the quick and easy way and try to get more healthy snacks along with fruits and veggies, this yogurt will help alot by including calciumsnugles4433@Hotmail.com

  37. >We do fruit, cheese, and yogurt for healthy snacks.

  38. >My boys are always encouraged to eat fruit and veggies with every meal. Lunch has 1-2 servings of fruit plus a veggie every day.mbollentino at yahoo dot com

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  42. >Use yogurt as a dip for fruits…yummy!

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  47. >my son gets to pick out his own flavors of yogurt at the store..so that helps him want to eat itnannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  48. >My daughter loves yougurt and I like to give it to her with a fruit and waffle for a healthy breakfast!cheydodge 2 at aol dot com

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  54. >A good way to get my kids to eat healthy snacks is putting Yoplait yogurt in ice cube trays to make Yogurt Pops… my kids love them!!

  55. >I try to incoproate vegetables into dishes kids typically like. I would feel good about offering Yopliat yogurt as a snack option.AlexDean03(at)yahoo.com

  56. michelle r says:

    >We love yogurt! But I have been totally stocking the fruit lately! The kids at school make comments to my son about not "getting the good stuff" in his lunch anymore.

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  62. >I have started to let my children fix their own fruit salads. They have fun doing this and it makes them feel big. I could start using yoplait yogurt as a "dressing" but Im not sure on how well that would go over. sexyhots29@yahoo.com

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  71. >My kids are grown, but I watch two young cousins and Yoplait in any form is a nice healthy snack, other than iving them as a snack, I do not have any other way to incorporate them.. They also love fruits and vegetablesljsin2win-at-gmail-dot-com

  72. pinklady705 says:

    >I'm fortunate that my son isn't very picky. He loves it when I create snacks for him and I love to provide him with healthy snacks. Yoplait will be a great addition to snack choices. I think it will be great to use to dip fruit in.2liv2laf2luv at gmail dot com

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  78. >I slice up a variety of fruits or vegetables and offer yogurt as an option for a snack.twoofakind12@yahoo.com

  79. >I put in wholesome snacks that are fun. That is why this yogurt works so well. And things like squeeze yogurt they lovelittleumbrella (at) att (dot) net

  80. >i can incorporate more wholesome snacks into their diet by buying more more wholesome ones, like yoplait kids yogurts

  81. Janet W. says:

    >I try to keep healthy snacks on hand for when my son comes over to visit. That way he won't see junk food and want that instead!janet3rdgrade@yahoo.com

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  89. Kimberly says:

    >I keep a lot of fruits in the house and simply don't buy a lot of junk food. It's easier to grab a yogurt if there isn't a pudding cup right next to it. :)kirbycolby at gmail dot com

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    >My kids like yogurt with fruit, granola, in smoothies, dips, lots of stuff! I love that they love yogurt!

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  111. Alicia C. says:

    >I incorporate healthy snacks by not buying junk food! I deliberately pass the chip aisle and opt for foods like fresh fruit, baked crackers, and, yes, yogurt. I love that Yoplait has come out with yogurt for kids with added nutrients. I will be trying some the next time I shop!ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com

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  117. Jennifer says:

    >I try to incorporate fun healthy snacks so my son doesn't think of them as yucky, but fun! I eat a yogurt at the same time so he wants to copy me! :)jenbop5@yahoo.com

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  132. kellyr78 says:

    >I incorporate healful foods into my kid's diets by keeping lots of their favorite fruits available, as well as a fridge always stocked with yogurt- it's one of their favorite snacks, so Yoplait would be great to have on hand.KellywcuATyahooDOTcom

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  140. >By offering my children Yoplait yogurt as well as other healthy options, I am giving them more calcium and other much needed vitamins in their diet.shawn113(at)hotmail(dot)com

  141. Beckeesdeals says:

    >We are always trying to put more fruit in the kids diets and the yogurt would help us a lot!!beckeesdeals at gmail dot com

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