>Oh, How My Garden Grows!!

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>Since I did not get much done with the garden this weekend due to our never ending busy schedule!! I thought I would show our Raspberry bushes that were so generously given to us by my friend Becky over at Saving Bits and Pieces!!

This will be our first year at having bushes and I am so excited!! We still need to get our Blueberry and Blackberry but I can’t wait to see some fruit sprouting. Becky had said that this year we will not see any fruit but next year we should see it!! So here is a picture of one bush, isn’t cute!!

So have your own garden that you want to share? Have any tips, ideas, pictures or just anything you want to share showing you getting dirty? Add the link to your post below in the MckLinky, all I ask is that you copy this button and add it to your post. Your readers will then be able to see others gardening tips, ideas and pictures!!

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  1. >so awesome!!! i'm waiting for the cherries to come out on our cherry tree at the lakehouse, it has pretty flowers now but no fruit yet. the sage is coming back, along with the lavender, st. johns wart, honeysuckle, the grapes, blueberry bush and oregano, but the basil and the rosemary haven't yet:( hopefully they will. I love spring!!

  2. >Your hand might not get dirty, but my Garden Party is perfect for springtime! http://www.TheBudgetDiet.com/?p=527

  3. TheChattyMom says:

    >I'm hoping that the weather here in Reno will decide to remain Spring and not revert to Winter again…so I can participate in next week's post.

  4. >I can't wait to see everyone's garden!! I love getting new ideas for next year!!

  5. >It's great!

  6. Maxwell Designs says:

    >Just dropping in from MBC – cant wait to hear more money saving tips!http://maxwelldesignsblog.blogspot.com

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