Ways To Earn: J & R Market Reserach- Cincinnati Area

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Here is another market research company that I use on a regular basis.

J & R Coordinating is a local (Cincinnati) market research company. I just love this company!! I signed up last summer and I get calls and emails from them all the time. Unlike a few other local companies, I almost always qualify for the study.

They offer such a great range of studies that anyone can work with them. I have done hair care studies where you use a product for a few weeks, tell them what you think about it and get paid!! I have tried orange juice, crackers and chips, etc. I love it. I have even done a study with our oldest daughter and she got paid as well. She is 8 and thought it was so cool that she got to tell people what she thought about the product. I have been paid anywhere from $10-$70. They do offer other studies that pay a significant amount of money, but alot of them are usually several visits over a week maybe 2. With having 3 kids and the crazy schedule we have, the times have never worked out. Some can pay several hundred dollars, depending on the study.

It is very simple, just sign up here. Within a few weeks you will start seeing emails and getting phone calls from them. They are super nice and usually very helpful.

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  1. >Thanks for Posting this, I needed to update my info with them since the move:)

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    >Thanks for visiting my blog following you from Friday Follow.http://thecookinglady.com

  3. >Tosha, Not a problem, I love to help!!Thanks Cooking Lady, I am glad that you came and visited me!!

  4. >I just recently got approved for a snack foods study at J&R. All I have to do is try some snacks, fill out a quick questionaire & earn $25! I Love it!

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